Breakout Session Details

Power Hour and the Cap88 Challenge

Facilitators: Mike Anderson & Ashley Pratt

Discussion: Keep your pipeline full with a daily Power Hour using Intercap’s integrated systems. No more guessing who to call or what to offer to keep your leads, clients, and partners moving forward. We’ll discuss rewards and penalties that make this a challenge you won’t dare to fail.

Simple Nexus Loan Workflow

Facilitator: Clayton Anderson

Discussion: Are you using Simple Nexus to its capacity? The complete loan workflow is managed by this powerful tool. Learn how to make the loan workflow, document management, and client alerts work for a smoother transaction.

MBS Highway Reports and Calculators

Facilitators: Danny Drysdale

Discussion: This is the time to know how to use MBS Highway’s reporting and calculators to talk to clients more precisely about Buy vs Rent, Debt Consolidation, Cost of Waiting, Real Estate Report Card, and more.

Total Expert Mastery

Facilitators: Kyle Clark and Total Expert Reps Ben Marx & Bobbi Jo Dallas

Discussion: Let’s get back to basics! Learn the workflow behind how contacts are imported into Total Expert and how best to keep your database clean. With the help of Ben and Bobbi Jo, we’ll show you how you can mark who a contact was referred by, how to take notes on a contact, how to share a contact with a Co-Marketing Partner etc. Lastly, we’ll talk about the importance of tasks and how to assign them as well as how to complete them. You will walk away from this class ready to clean up your database and keep it rock star status moving forward!

Event Planning 101: The Tools You Need to Succeed in 2023

Facilitators: Stefanie O’Sullivan & Kimber Parkin

Discussion: Using examples from successful events around the company, Stefanie and Kimber will present participants with the tools they’ll need to host successful and meaningful events.  Participants will leave with a roadmap to hosting an in person or virtual meeting on Temporary Buy Downs, complete with 45 minute presentation, social media posts and follow up scripting.

Sales Boomerang Alerts

Facilitators: Steve Roberts and Nikko Denis

Discussion: Learn how to respond to SB alerts, turning every alert into an opportunity. Sometimes a reason to reach out is good enough, but Sales Boomerang throws in some great information about the client’s credit, debt, current loan, and equity that can turn a “Just calling to say hi” message to “I might be able to help you…”

Homebot Mastery

Facilitators: Mike Anderson

Discussion: This isn’t a basic how-to training class! We will discuss how to use equity as a conversation starter for refinance, moving up, buying a second home or an investment property. Even better, how to get agents to make the calls.


Facilitators: Kyle Clark, Jasmine Kunz, Drew Sparks

Discussion: Reviews! Why are they important? How can Swell help you? When is the best time to request reviews? All questions that will be answered in this fabulous class!

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