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4 Ways You Win With Intercap!

  • Exclusive mortgage rates for partners only!
  • Fast, consistent turn times
  • Guaranteed, honest lending
  • Quick, easy, and logical underwriting guidelines

Why Intercap Lending?

We care about Utahns, because we are Utahns.

  • Why offer this benefit? - Our goals for this year are to become more involved in the local community and increase our local brand awareness. By offering your employees discounted mortgage premiums, reduced up front fees, and top quality service we feel we can reach these goals. All at no cost to you.
  • Dependable Support Coast to Coast - Loan Originators licensed in 46 states (and counting) allow Intercap to extend this opportunity to your employees across the nation.
  • Utah First - Local ownership and management brought Intercap’s Headquarters to Utah. Since January 2017, Intercap has hired nearly 200 Utah employees. We care about the local economy, because we are part of it.

See What You Can Save As An Intercap Partner

Headquartered in Draper, Utah, the intercap team loves taking care of our local partners, neighbors, friends, and family -- find out how much we can save you annually, today!

Exclusive Intercap Mortgage App

(No need to guess what’s happening with loan - 24/7 access on your mobile device!)

Your own dedicated mortgage specialist at the tap of a thumb!

  • Simplicity and accuracy - with just a few button touches, you can fill out an application and take a picture of the documents and can send them directly to your Loan Officer.
  • Speed - Check the status of your loan at any time of the day
  • Self-management - Mortgage Calculate that can help you choose the correct down payment and loan that will best fit you.
  • Dependable privacy policy that will help you keep your private information safe
  • Dependable support with a personal touch - Communicate directly with your loan originator and their team quickly and easily over the phone or through email.
  • Proven Experience - Intercap has been in the mortgage business for nearly 40 years.

Industry Leading Technology: Applying for a mortgage as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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1. Use the built in tools and calculator to find the right mortgage product and size for you.
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2. Follow the easy steps to submit the needed documentation.
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3. Follow along real time as the Intercap team professionally processes your application.

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Exclusive, Partner-Only Rates

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Fast, Consistent Turn Times

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Guaranteed, Honest Lending

40+ years of commitment to honesty & integrity in lending

Intercap Lending, Where Partners Are For Life

At Intercap lending we’ve built relationships with several local companies to help their employees take advantage of the benefits of our corporate partnership program. Feel free to reach out to the intercap team or your benefits manager to find out if you are eligible!

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*Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for details.

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