Emerging Leaders is a 13 week leadership program that focuses on topics such as Mortgage 101, Taking Ownership, What It Means to be a Leader, Developing a Team, Giving and Receiving Feedback and so much more! Intercap Lending is investing in its employees and encouraging them to go from being comfortable to getting uncomfortable. This program entails coaching current managers and potential managers that are already leaders among their peers to grow and invest in themselves. At the end of the program, we bring in our decision makers, the Intercap executive team, to listen to our members present their “stop, start, continue” ideas for the company. We have implemented ideas from our 2021 group and we are excited to implement more ideas from our 2022 members.

This year, we incorporated our 2021 program members by introducing the Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for our 2022 program members. They all worked together throughout the program with nurturing and exploring each subject topic of the program as well as reading the book “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace” which was so interesting and fun to hear everyone’s languages.

For the completion of the program, we brought back the mentors to help congratulate the 2022 program members. The Intercap executive team joined us again in celebrating our members as they each received their graduation award.

We are so excited for this program to continue and grow and look forward to seeing who the next group of members will be.

Congratulations to our Emerging Leaders graduates!