Food Bomber

Are you ready to food bomb?

Intercap Lending has partnered with a non-profit called Food Bomber who has made it their mission to support local restaurants and first responders in this time of need. Those on the front line of this pandemic are risking their lives and working ridiculous hours. The last thing they should worry about is a good meal. Restaurants, particularly smaller locally-owned establishments are struggling to keep their business open and employees paid. To support both groups, Intercap Lending and Food Bomber is food bombing first responders with local cuisine. Our goal is to provide continuous meals and ongoing support throughout the entire pandemic, so please help as long and as much as you can.

Here’s how you can help.

1 Donate

If you are an Intercap Lending employee, we will match your Food Bomber donation up to $5,000. All proceeds will go directly to Food Bomber and support the community where you work. Donations can be paid to the Venmo account @intercaplending-donations.

If you are a partner or friend of Intercap Lending – or just love this effort and want to help – you can donate directly to Food Bomber using their Venmo account @justamomclub.

2 Help us select those in need

We want to make sure that each local community where donations are contributed serve that community, and we need your help. Please fill out the form below if you know of a local restaurant or meal provider and/or a local first responder or healthcare group that could use our help. We are particularly mindful of the smaller establishments that are most impacted by this loss of business and the local healthcare, police, fire, EMT and other first responders that are risking their lives in our local communities.

Food Bomber Local Support

  • Optional. Just in case we have questions about your suggestion.
  • Optional. Don't worry, we are not using this for marketing. Just in case we have questions.
  • Please provide details you may have, such as owner or employee name, phone number, and address.
  • Please provide details you may have, such as person to contact, phone number, and address.
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