Free Contact Management System for RE Agents!

Intercap Lending has invested in a robust yet simple-to-use contact management system called Total Expert. It is specifically designed for real estate and lending professionals with all the features you need to keep your clients happily engaged as you help them buy and sell homes.

Total Expert includes features like automated email and text campaigns, single property websites, open house flyers, and social media integration. Best of all, we’re offering a free version to any real estate agent who wants to give it a spin – no strings attached.

Request your free Total Expert Account – no strings attached

Total Expert

Contact Management and Marketing System

The best way to stay in contact with your SOI when you can’t be there in person is with a contact management system or CMS. Your CMS should allow you to accomplish the following

  • Manage your contacts in one place. A good CMS will help keep you organized when you have clients at different stages of the life cycle and sales pipeline. You may also have other tools that need access to your contacts, like a lead management system. A good CMS will provide the ability to connect these systems and centralize your contact database.
  • Setup automated and instant messaging. Consistent and quality communication is the key to growing your business. A good CMS will allow you to create email and text messages to your clients, partners, team members, and yourself during the different stages of your business workflows and the homeowner lifecycle so everyone on your team knows what’s going on and what to do.
  • View real-time data of your business. Once your CMS is setup and you begin using it to manage your contacts and communications, you will be able to access real-time reports of production, workflows, marketing campaigns, and other key performance indicators.
  • Create campaigns and advertisements. Many of the real estate-specific CMS platforms have marketing engines to dynamically create open house flyers, single property websites, landing pages, IDX websites, and social media posts that pull directly from your MLS listings.