How to convince sellers to list in the winter

Many sellers believe it’s best to wait until spring or summer to sell their home. They assume there are more buyers which means more competition and offers. And for those who live in cold climates, that their homes and yards show better in the warmer months. Although there may be some truth to this, here are four great reasons to sell in the winter.

  1. Most sellers also want to buy. Winter is a great time to help your clients get ready to sell their current home and buy a new one. A house under contract makes a buyer offer much stronger. Help your seller see the value of being in a good position on both sides of the transaction. Listing in the winter and going under contract on a new home in the spring is a great combination that alleviates the urgency and stress of timing the sell of their current home and purchase of a new one. Each transaction could take 45 days or more right now.
  2. Winter buyers are usually more serious. Buyers may be relocating or coming to the end of a lease agreement and can’t wait to buy until spring or summer. And with less inventory in the winter, competition for a good home can help drive up prices. Spring and summer don’t just have more buyers; it also has a lot more inventory. More selection can actually decrease offer amounts and urgency to buy.
  3. Winter is a great time to showcase the warm and cozy aspects of a home. Emphasize the fireplace, hot tub, south-facing windows and driveway, heated flooring, double-pane windows, central heating, and anything else that helps to keep the home warm and cozy. The contrast of walking into a warm home from the cold outside can make the home shopping experience even greater, and the house more valuable to a buyer.
  4. Many sellers don’t have their home quite ready to maximize its potential. Sellers may be more willing to take time to prepare their house in the winter. Attend the Staging CE class for high-ROI improvements and staging ideas. Sellers will love you for helping them maximize their home’s value even if they insist on listing it in the spring or summer. Winter is a great time to advertise your ability to get a home ready to sell for top price.

Supply and demand are the the primary drivers for determining market prices and time to sell. This is the case for nearly every product. Winter months may have less homebuyers but they also have less inventory. In colder climates, builder inventory can also be lower. Combine this with serious buyers and homes that are packed full of value-adds that are geared to keeping the home warm and cozy in the winter and you may find that winter is a great time to sell.