Is it time to move up?

Moving to a new home can be exciting and a little stressful.
Here are a few things to consider to make the move up a little easier.

Timing the sell and purchase

Your Intercap loan officer and real estate agent can work together to help you time the sell and purchase of your homes so the transition is smoother. Setup a New Home Transition Appointment with your Intercap loan officer and real estate agent to create your transition plan.

A bigger house does not always mean a bigger payment

You may have some equity to work with if you have owned your current home for several years. This equity could be enough to lower your new mortgage payment, sometimes as low as your current payment. How does this work? Your current mortgage may include added fees like mortgage insurance and loan level pricing adjustments. Eliminating these fees with the sell of your current home and putting enough money down on your new home could make your new mortgage payment much more affordable. Contact your Intercap loan officer for a complete review of your current mortgage, equity position, and options for a new purchase.

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