Are you locked into a low rate?

Mortgage interest rates are still hovering around the lowest rates in history. This is causing a refinance party you may want to join before rates trend up. Unfortunately, rates aren’t sitting very still right now. They are jumping up and down almost daily with economic and coronavirus concerns. Those of you who are a little trigger shy, here’s the secret to getting an amazing refinance rate.

  1. Get your refi application in as soon as possible, including all the required documentation. This doesn’t lock you into a rate but gets you ready to lock when rates go down.
  2. When your application is in, your Intercap loan officer will put you in his or her “ready to lock” group. Intercap loan officers watch rates very closely. They even receive instant notifications when rates are likely to rise or drop sharply. They can notify you of a drop and lock you in quickly. Trying to get the lowest rate is like shooting a moving target. Your Intercap loan officer is your personal sharp shooter when it comes to targeting great rates.
  3. Know what makes sense and get your rate locked. Waiting for the lowest possible rate can cause paralysis. No one has a crystal ball and rates this low have only been seen a couple times in history.

Find out how much you could gain from a refinance.

“When I decided to refinance I checked with some of the major banks but they offered underwhelming rates and steep out-of-pocket closing costs. Then I found Intercap who offered me in a fantastic rate. David was extremely helpful during the process, made everything clear from the beginning and all the promises he made about timing and ease were honored. We closed in 3 weeks and I had no out-of pocket costs. Most importantly, I have reduced my loan by 10 years while keeping monthly payments very similar to what I was paying in a 30-year term. I will also save $130k during the loan term! I had hesitated refinancing because the process when I bought my house two years prior had been so long, time-consuming and stressful that I didn’t want to go through that again. But this time I had to do so little that I hardly noticed the process. Now that it is over I strongly recommend both Intercap and its loan processor David for anyone’s refinancing needs.”

– Reviewed by Ruben

Want to make sure you are getting the best rate and terms? Go ahead, shop around. We encourage it!

We are confidant that we can compete with anyone on the best all-around rates, terms, and service. That’s why nearly all our reviews are 5-star!

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