VA Funding Fees: Why A Smaller Fee Could Equal Bigger Savings

This fee is intended to subsidize the cost of the housing benefits to veterans for taxpayers. Although you may be exempt from the Funding Fee for several reasons such as veterans who are being compensated for service related disabilities. Contact Intercap Lending today and see if you may be exempt from the Funding Fee.

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The VA Funding Fee is required by law. The intention is to enable veterans who obtain VA Home Loans to contribute towards the costs of this benefit. There are a few variables that can change the VA Funding Fee. The VA Funding Fee can be exempt all the way to the cap of 3.3 percent. How does one determine if they are exempt from the VA Funding Fee? If you can answer yes to any of the following then you may be exempt:

  • Do you receive disability from the VA?
  • Are you a spouse of a veteran who died in service or service related disabilities?

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Funding Fees are set by the VA and are based on first time or subsequent use of eligibility. Funding Fees are subject to change.