With a market shifting faster than a time-traveling DeLorean, seller concession are back to the future – or present. Sellers are now lowering their prices and offering concessions to get their homes sold. Ask your loan officer about the 2/1 Buy-down and go back in time with the interest rate

  • 2% lower interest rate the first year
  • 1% lower interest rate the second year

How does the 2/1 Buydown work?

For the first year of the mortgage, the borrower’s monthly payment is based off an interest rate that is 2% lower than the note rate. For the second year of the mortgage, the monthly payment is based off an interest rate that is 1% lower than the note rate. In year three, borrowers return to the full note rate and corresponding payment for the remainder of the mortgage term.

Comparing Seller Concession Options

In this scenario, the seller opts to drop their price or offer a temporary 2/1 buy-down. The temporary buy-down option costs a lot less to the seller while providing a significant monthly savings to the buyer for the first two years.

Temporary buydown comparison

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