Jumbo Home Loans

A Jumbo home loan is for larger mortgages that fall outside of the government-backed requirements (or conforming requirements) defined by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. That means Jumbo loans have somewhat higher rates as they are considered slightly higher risk.

Jumbo loans allow you to obtain a loan for more than the conforming loan limit in your area. In most of the country, that means you’ll use a jumbo mortgage if your loan amount is greater than $484,350. Some area limits are much higher. Please speak with your Intercap Loan Officer for the specific limits in your purchase area.

Is a jumbo mortgage right for you?

If you can afford the monthly mortgage payment of a higher-value home but don’t have enough down payment to meet the conforming limits of a government-backed loan, a Jumbo mortgage is likely the right product for you. Jumbo mortgages still require similar credit score, down payment, debt-to-income, and closing costs as conforming loans.

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