Captivate Workbook Real Estate Sales Coaching

Get the Captivate Workbook

Captivate will help you grow your business through a fresh approach to real estate marketing. You will learn how to leverage cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and today’s digital marketing. 190 pages of increasing value to increase sales.

Captivate will also help you become a sought-after community expert drawing more buyers to your open houses, staging homes for top-dollar sales, and connecting homeowners with community leaders who become part of your referral partner network.

Captivate Training for Real Estate Agents

Agents learn what buyers and sellers want most from their agent at every stage of homeownership.

Become the Community Go-To Agent

Agents learn to use video and social media to become a community real estate expert and celebrity.

Real Estate Staging and Flipping

Agents learn how to help their sellers get top dollar for their home through high-ROI home improvements and staging.

Case Study – Staging and Flipping

Home purchase: $435k
Improvements: $70k
Sale Price: $649k
Profit: $144k

Advertising with Drone

Using today’s tech to advertise listings sets agents apart from discount services

3D Tours

2D is so last decade. Give buyers the chance to walk through your listings as you capture more interest from all over the country.

Investment Properties

Help investors maximize their rentals with Captivate coaching

Grand Open House

Agents learn how to attract more buyers and sellers from a powerful open house event.

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Agents learn to generate leads with social media marketing focused on their farm and SOI.

Time Blocking and Goal Planning to Double Production

Agents learn how to plan for growth with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual prospecting activities.

Turn Millennials into Lifetime Clients

Agents learn how to help Millennials buy their first home and then use property investment as a retirement plan.

Agent Testimonial

Michael is a 23-year old agent who will close 60+ sides this year. Learn how he did it.

Video Home Show

Example of a Video Home Show with a Neighbor Interview

Restaurant Review

Example of a restaurant review in Durango, Colorado.

HS Principle Interview

Example of a high school principle interview.