Forbearance Frequently Asked Questions

Once we receive your Mortgage Assistance Application, we’ll contact you within three business days to confirm that we have it and will begin reviewing the contents. Should there be any missing information or documentation you still must submit, we will send you a request for documents that are incomplete or missing.

Within 30 days  after receiving your complete Mortgage Assistance Application, we will  let  you  know which alternatives are available  to  you, and what your next steps are to accept any offer.

You are encouraged to make any amount of payment you can.

If you’re eligible, we’ll evaluate you for participation in HAMP. If you are not eligible for HAMP, we’ll evaluate you for a non-HAMP alternative

There will never be a fee from Intercap Lending or a qualified counselor when getting help or information about loan workout options. However, because foreclosure prevention has become a target for scam artists, be wary of companies or individuals offering to help you for a fee.

If you have been approved for a COVID-19 forbearance plan, your credit will not be affected. The CARES act provides protection to consumers for negative credit reporting.