No money down options

How much money do you need to put down when buying a home? A lot of people think you need 10% to 20% of the homes purchase price. That’s a lot of cash. Intercap Lending offers a variety of little to no-down payment options. Talk to your Intercap loan officer and invest in your future.

Find out how little you need to put down on a home.

USDA, FHA, VA, and State Housing loans are just a few of the little and no-down payment options available to homebuyers. We can help you find the right loan even if you have very little to put down.

Zero Down Home Loans

Does little or no down payment mean a higher interest rate? We offer specialty loan programs like FHA, USDA, and State Housing loans that are insured by the US government. This insurance helps keep the interest rate down so first-time and lower income buyers can afford to buy with a great interest rate and a manageable monthly payment. Contact one of our loan officers to explore your low and no-down payment options. You may be surprised how affordable home ownership is for you.

Buy your first home for $1000

Imagine buying a home for only $1000 out of pocket

I saw this advertising that they could get me in with no money down on a new home! I was like right sure but very skeptical. Never have I had such a great loan officer who bent over backwards and jump through hoops to get me into a condo. And my real estate agent was amazing how we had so much fun looking at condo after condo! It took me 29 years and 4 tries to get where I am at! Thank you Intercap for all your hard work to get me into a new home!!! Gotta say I love you guys!!!!

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