6 Ways to Grow your Real Estate Business!

Many of us are getting a little stir-crazy. Stuck inside, doing our part to help flatten the Covid-19 curve. As real estate agents, we’re used to being out there hosting open houses, showing homes, attending classes, and checking up on our SOI. Although there are many things we can’t do during this time, here are a few key things you can do to grow your real estate business while at home. 

#1 Create a Google My Business Listing

Gain leads and attract more clients by setting up a Google My Business listing. A lot of our business comes from referrals, and the first thing a referral does after hearing your name is check you out online. A Google My Business listing (GMB) shows up on the right side of the search results page with pictures, reviews, your website link, and contact information. The easier people can find you, the more likely they will hire you.

Follow these simple steps to create a GMB today. 

#2 Set up a Virtual Tour and Drone for your Listings

Help people visit your listings virtually. A 3D tour allows home shoppers to walk through a property at their leisure, almost as if they were in the home. Drone footage helps buyers see the exterior, yard, and community from their laptop or phone.

Shoppers from any location, even out of state, are using this technology to consider properties without having to visit everyone in person. This tech is no longer exclusive to luxury homes and we recommend tours and drone footage of every property, even condos and townhomes. Companies like 3D Home Shows (www.3dhomeshows.com) provide 3D tours, photography, drone footage, and video tours. Mention Intercap Lending for a discount.

#3 Attend Virtual Coaching

Captivate Sales Coaching is Intercap Lending’s Real Estate Coaching taught by our CMO, Mike Anderson. We are now posting free classes on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/captivatesalescoaching. Also visit www.intercaplending.com/captivate for additional training and resources.

#4 Check on Your SOI

Hopefully, making consistent phone calls to your SOI is already a system you have in place, but if not, now is the perfect time to create that habit. We suggest spending at least an hour a day calling people within your SOI and asking how they’re doing, reminding them about your real-estate services. This doesn’t mean you call the same 20 people every week with an elevator pitch, yikes. Captivate has a class, workbook, and a tracker that teaches you who to call and what to offer so every call is meaningful and supportive. You’ll also learn about tools like Homekeepr and Homebot to keep in touch with your SOI with information about their home.

Pick up the workbook and tracker here: https://www.intercaplending.com/product-category/captivate/

#5 Tune up your Social Media Presence

Are you up to date with the latest social media platforms? Are your social media pages setup correctly? The top social media accounts you should have are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Facebook – This is the #1 social media tool for agents. You’ll need a business page and probably a couple groups to get the most out of Facebook. Boosting or advertising on Facebook can help you generate leads and build your brand. Captivate offers a Facebook and Instagram Marketing class to help you get started. Visit their Facebook page for videos you can watch now. Instagram – This is Facebook’s version for 20 somethings. Create a business account and advertise properties and helpful tips to first-time homebuyers. LinkedIn – Post your new listings and open house announcements for other agents to find on this professional networking platform. Network with community leaders, business owners, investors, and other professionals. Pinterest – Show pictures of your homes, listing presentation, and before and after pictures of your staged homes. This platform was made to  increase creativity and inspire, and many visit this site for home improvement ideas.

#6 Create Relevant Social Media Posts

Right now everyone is stuck inside and constantly scrolling through social media. Now is a great time to start posting a little more consistently. We suggest that you start to create content for all of the social media platforms that you have, and be sure what you are creating is relevant. 

For example, you could post things about ways to stay busy while stuck inside. You could offer tips on how to organize one’s home, start a yard project or begin spring cleaning. There are many relevant subjects you could cover on your social media to benefit your followers and potential clients. Take this extra time to plan a few posts out in advance. 


Though it is difficult to adjust to staying home and away from people at this time, we can still make improvements to our listings and grow our Real Estate business through creating a GMB, checking up on our SOI, and being more active on social media. Join our Captivate Sales Coaching Facebook Group where we share great tips on how to grow your Real Estate Business, keep up-to-date on industry happenings, and build a sense of community.

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