A quality home loan or refi is about great rates, service, and timing

1 Low Rates

A lower rate means less interest and likely a smaller monthly payment. That’s a big deal! Luckily, we are still experiencing historically low interest rates. Home loans and refinances are all we do at Intercap Lending. And as a direct lender, there’s no middle man and we don’t have another agenda. We take pride in getting our clients the best rate we can, and if you can find a better rate, we’ll either match it or help you move your loan to another lender quickly. What we won’t do is string you along or bait you with a rate we can’t deliver. Get a rate quote from one of our local loan officers and see how we compare. We don’t lose the rate battle very often.

It’s important to understand how rates are determined and how Intercap Lending helps each buyer get the best rate and loan for their situation. Click here to learn how to spot the best rate no matter where you look.

2 Fast Closings

Delays, withdrawals, and plain-old over promising and under delivering can cost you money and create headaches you don’t need. You’ll be happy to know that Intercap Lending closes loans in half the time of the industry average. According to EllieMae, a third-party industry expert, the average time-to-close a purchase loan is 42 days and a refinance is 45 days. Intercap Lending averaged 19 and 22 days respectively during the time of this study (Oct 2019 to March 2020). When timing matters, which it always does, you can count on Intercap Lending to get things done fast. Click here to see the EllieMae report.

3 Personal Service

Discount services that advertise discount rates seem to discount everything. A home loan or refinance is not like buying groceries. There are important considerations to ensure you are getting the best rate and terms. An exceptional loan officer takes the time to understand your situation in regards to your financial goals, budget, income, and the loan that is best for you. Don’t let a call center and online loan wizard determine your future.

We triple-dog dare you to beat our rates, service, and time to close

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