$1,000 Loan Approval Guarantee

Get an accepted offer and close sooner with a Loan Approval Guarantee from Intercap Lending

A mortgage application takes about 15 minutes. In most cases, you can have a pre-approval letter in an hour or less. Click below to get started. Our loan officers are available by phone, text, or in person for questions and advice.

Get your Intercap home loan pre-approval in no time.

And watch how fast you get an accepted offer!

What does a home loan pre-approval entail?

A home loan pre-approval from one of our licensed loan officers means we have confirmed your ability to purchase a home with Intercap Lending. Best of all, you will know exactly what you qualify for and the seller can feel confidant that your offer is solid.

Here’s what we typically need for a home loan pre-approval.

  • Credit Report

    A residential credit report that we pull with your permission

  • Paystubs

    Usually 1 month of paystubs from your employer(s)

  • W-2s

    Or other forms of income verification


    If applicable


    Confirmation of any downpayment or closing costs required


    Your credit report usually provides most of this information