Do’s and Don’ts as you get ready to buy

Do These

  • Deposit Earnings

    Deposit paychecks or other earnings into a bank account

  • Pay your bills on time

    Late payments over 30 days can show up on your credit and affect your credit score

  • Submit your tax returns

    1-2 years of tax returns may be required to buy a home

  • Get your P2Q

    Speak to an Intercap loan officer and put together your Pathway to Qualification plan, including a credit check

Don’t Do These

  • Quit your job

    Leaving your job could delay your ability to buy for up to 3 months or more

  • Apply for bankruptcy

    A bankruptcy, short sale, or foreclosure could delay your ability to buy a home for years

  • Make big purchases

    Purchases that could negatively impact your credit or debt-to-income ratio

2022 Utah Housing Prices

Sellers Concession 2/1 Buydown

2-1 Buydown

Buy your first home for $1000

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