California Realtors®

Real estate agent partners are a big part of Intercap San Diego’s business. The smooth workflow from agent to loan officer is vital to ensure the home buyer gets an accepted offer and then closes on time. “We see our partners and clients as people first. Mortgages on the surface are a financial transaction, but they are really about people’s hopes and dreams for their family,” says Stefanie.

Intercap Lending provides a lot of advantages to the San Diego mortgage team. According to a Fannie Mae report, mortgage lenders are averaging 41 days to close a home purchase and 45 for a refinance. Intercap has cut these averages in half to 19 and 21 days, respectively, due to their direct lender relationships and in-house operations. Combine this with Intercap’s low rates, the San Diego team has never been so competitive in this market.

San Diego loan officers like Colin CossioCorey HustedCache Nies and Anthony Magana were thrilled to share that this was their best year in the industry, and not just due to low rates. Anthony says, “Intercap has excelled my business to a whole new level and even my agent partners are extremely happy that I made the move. We have tools from coaching to online marketing to brand them and their business.”

California Housing Market

Everyone on the San Diego team believes low inventory is the biggest challenge in the California housing market right now. “With our housing shortage, it is getting tougher and tougher for buyers to find a property they love. And then, when they do, they are often competing with multiple offers. It is more important than ever to work with experienced, professional Realtors,” says Stefanie. “Our referral partners are getting their clients into homes and when they work with our team, they are confident that we will close on time with our stress-free process.”

For Intercap San Diego, this last year has been an extraordinary time of hard work and celebration.  Click here to contact the Intercap San Diego team.