What are your 2021 Goals?

If getting a new home is your New Year’s Resolution, Intercap Lending can help you make this goal a reality. Not only can our loan officers close a loan in record time (half the industry average), we are specially equipped to help home buyers with unique planning and advice.

First-time Homebuyer Loans

  • Start your Pathway to Qualification and get ready to buy in 2021
  • Take advantage of 0 to 3.5% down loans
  • Get direct lender access to FHA, USDA, and VA housing loans

VA Home Loans and Refinancing

Moving Up or Relocating

  • Start your Home Transition Plan with Intercap and your real estate agent
  • Learn how to use your home equity and a better loan to move up without changing your budget
  • Get pre-approved before you move or start looking for a home